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If you love to have fun, you love Riccione.

Day and night the city offers many opportunities for fun for everyone, thanks to its famous clubs throughout Europe.

But Riccione is not just trendy, it is also so much history and culture, with the wonders that “Romagna”, with the smells of the kitchen and the unique landscapes, offers those who choose to spend unforgettable moments. Then “Romagna” and Riccione are synonymous of knowledge, because there are places in the world where it is impossible not to make friends, and Riccione is one of these places.


Every day 135 bathing establishments offer a professional and complete service dedicated to your well-being.

The security guards, with 41 rescue stations, watch over the safety of tourists who, also for this, trust on our super-equipped bathing establishments, with fields for sports and entertainers ready to involve you in water aerobics and various tournaments.

Impossible to be bored. The passwords are “to love and to kiss”:

    •  when you lie in the sunbed and let you kissed by the sun…
    •  when you love every single moment that you are linving…
    •  when you find the love and fixed forever in your memory with a kiss